Save 4.5 % City Tax in Muenster when staying for business reasons

City Tax Muenster (Westf.)

Muenster imposed an accommodation tax on 1 July 2016. Travelling for business reasons is exempt.

  • 4.5 percent of the gross cost of accommodation
    • Excludes breakfast
    • Excludes other services
  • Day rooms, no-show bookings, children, pets and students are subject to the tax
  • A separate certification must be provided for each guest; group certifications (including employer certifications) are not accepted
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Get exempted as follows…


Following documents have to be completed for each stay in Muenster that is strictly necessary for business reasons, and for each guest:

    • You must ALSO submit the following documentation:
  • Informal employer certification with at least the following data:
        • Name and date of birth of the traveller
        • Date of stay (arrival and departure)
        • Confirming that the stay “is strictly necessary for business reasons” (the statement should include the exact phrase “strictly necessary for business reasons”!)
        • An employer certification has to be completed for each employee and for every stay.


  • If the booking is made by the employer and the final invoice for the stay is issued to the employer no further certification is needed

Freelancers, self-employed individuals and contractors:

  • Complete the self-certification and include the business reason for travelling or your tax-id-number
    –> Download Eigenbestätigung Münster

    • All the details on the form must be completed. If you do not want to provide this information to the hotel for data protection reasons, then you must pay the tax.

Your city tax exemption on business trips

City tax exemption is quite simple: the taxes are only due for privately arranged trips. As soon as you are traveling for business reasons, the hotel can refrain from calculating and forwarding the city tax to the municipality.

BUT: The hotels are instructed by the cities to take the tax from the room bill only if it is clearly proven that the stay is for business reasons.

Every city demands different documents, so you are exactly right here on this page. Here you will always find current information and templates that allow you to sleep tax-free in each city.